Daily's life of Star

Concept - The daily’s life of Dream catcher, his name is Star. A little boy lives alone in the tree for collecting child’s dream into the star hanging. ( This project done for joining with Igloo studio team for monthly challenge / and I got the idea to develop more for my personal purpose. ) Hope you enjoy!! Thanks

Wanchana intrasombat c final s

Introduce "Star" the passionate boy , dream collector.

Wanchana intrasombat all s 1

At Day time, he spent some spare time with his little big bird
for preparing to catch the dream.

Wanchana intrasombat all s 2

Before night, he set his little house with
the light of good dream.

Wanchana intrasombat all s 3

At Night , He has left for catching amazing dream
and back to sleep. zZz

Wanchana intrasombat c 3 final

Thanks and there might be some more :)
(If I'm not too busy)